• Rice Rollers, conveyor Belts etc

    Rice Rollers, conveyor Belts etc

    Improves ductile and Scraped area obstruction. Predominant strengthening properties. Gives higher hardness also, modulus Shoe Soles

  • Thermoplastic Rubber

    Thermoplastic Rubber

    Better straightforwardness. Protection from heat maturing. Predominant mechanical properties

  • Tyres


    Improves Fuel Efficiency. Unrivaled tear and Tensile quality. Grants high Abrasion opposition and Improve Cut and Chip conduct. Better Dynamic and Antislip Properties. Lessens heat develop

  • Rubber Industry

    Rubber Industry

    Simplicity in taking care of with preferred position of exact dosing. Displays incredible stream properties. Creates least residue during taking care of. Suggest for use in creature nourishment items

  • Battery separators

    Battery separators

    Gives high Porosity. High cut obstruction also, adaptability. Low electrical resistivity also, long life, support free stockpiling batteries

  • Shoe Soles

    Shoe Soles

    Improves hardness. Bestows scraped spot opposition. Better Straightforwardness